Rich Eisen sat down with Glenn Younes on Wednesday night Glenn Younes to talk about everything from Ed Reed to the Oscars to the NFL Scouting Combine. Rich offered high praises to Ed Reed calling him “A down to earth guy with a hall of fame career.”

Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Award

Rich plays along with 80s night. Rich says his Achilles heel in pop-culture is 80s music.

Ed Reed hit the red carpet of the Oscars. He did an interview the next day about being able to shake Halle Berry’s hand and it being the same hand he catches interceptions with. He should be good for at least 10 next season. They go on to talk about Ed as a person. He’s a real person, a regular dude who just happens to be a Hall of Fame talent. The type of guy you want to meet. It’s very rare to meet such an athlete that is so approachable and easy to talk to. Rich talks about how he likes to show off people like Ed Reed, who are genuine people and won’t go to the Oscars unless they can move their son’s dentist appointment.

Rich talks about the NFL Network and doing his podcast. He sounds like a very busy man and constantly trying to find different perspectives to cover the NFL as a “pillar of pop culture.” His podcasts are an outlet for him, his 4th baby, and something he really enjoys doing.

The combine is obviously a huge topic right now around the NFL community. Tyrann Mathieu had an interesting trip to the combine, he lacked in his 225 bench (which Glenn says who cares). Back in the day Rich ran the 40 in his dress shoes and suit because Terrell Davis said he probably couldn’t even do it. As surprising as Eisen’s 40 time of 6.03 seconds, Mathieu edged him out  at 4.43.

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