Video Cameras To Be Worn By Laurel Police

Cop cams are the flip side to another issue. In recent years, police have been accused of illegally harassing people who videotaped them.

In 2010, a man who recorded an arrest at the Preakness sued the department after he said officers took his camera and deleted the video.

“Having proof of what happened can be very useful, both to protect officers and to protect citizens,” said attorney David Rocah, ACLU of Md.

Attorney David Rocah from the American Civil Liberties Union thinks cop cams are a good idea because most people act more professional when they know they’re being recorded. He also believes police interactions need more monitoring.

“It is an activity that goes largely undocumented and unregulated and it can have profound consequences for people,” Rocah said.

The videos recorded by the wearable cameras will be stored and monitored by an outside company. Officers can use a cell phone app to watch them.

Police will be required to notify the public that they are being recorded.

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