Snowlovers, there is still a chance!

Before we talk about the mid-week storm, first let’s deal with our current weather.  The breeze and chill that settled in Saturday are still here, and will linger through Monday.  We only made it to 39 degrees Sunday for our high.  Although there will be more sunshine Monday, we are still only going to 42 – solidly below the average of 49 degrees.  Winds will also continue to gust from the northwest during this time.

Tuesday will start out with sunshine and calmer conditions before clouds come in with a new storm on the way.  There are still a lot of questions about this storm, but this is what we do know about the storm:
-it’s coming in from the Midwest
-will intensify significantly as it passes across the Mid-Atlantic
-it contains a lot of moisture
-temperatures will be borderline for accumulation, but the atmospheric profile will support snow down through the 95 corridor and maybe the Eastern Shore

Even though the temperatures will be ranging from 30-36 degrees during the storm, accumulation is still possible.  If the snow comes down hard enough, it will overcome the ground temperature hovering around 32/33 degrees.  And, some of this will come down overnight Tuesday and Wednesday, which would also help support snow piling up.  However, the warmer air will win out with rain or melting snow if it doesn’t come down hard enough.  And as always, the farther north and west you go from 95, the better chance you have at getting accumulations.

The storm will linger into the early morning hours of Thursday before moving away.  One thing we do know is that warmer air is moving our way for Friday.  That, in combination with the March sun, would create great melting conditions.

Stay tuned, we will have a lot more in the coming hours.


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