By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is now the highest paid player in NFL history.

Jessica Kartalija talked to fans about the mega deal.

Flacco is not your average Joe.

Signing a $120.6 million contract, the championship quarterback will make an average of $169,000 each day of the season for the next six years.

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The median household income in Baltimore County is $75,000 a year. Just imagine, for each day of the season that Flacco plays, he’ll make twice that amount in just one day!

“I’m happy for him. I think he’s a good guy and a good representative for Baltimore,” one fan said.

There was plenty to say on WJZ-FM, 105.7 The Fan.

“Do I think he’s the best player in the NFL?  No. Do I think he might have been in the greatest position of leverage in the history of the NFL?  Yes,” said Steve Davis, co-host of the Norris and Davis Show on 105.7 The Fan.

The six-year deal makes Flacco the NFL’s highest-paid player ever.

“I think it’s largely a function of ‘Thank you, Joe for the years you’ve given us. Here’s your bonus check,’” said Dr. Thomas Rhoads.

Rhoads is an economics professor at Towson.

“If you look at his career, the overall value for his career, he’s going to do just as much in the future as he’s done already.  Overall, for his entire career, he will be properly compensated,” Rhoads said.

So, a thanks for playing, keep up the good work bonus …Not too shabby.

Our WJZ Fan Cam asks: Is he worth it?

“I don’t know that anyone is worth $120 million, but if anyone is in the playoffs five straight years and to the Super Bowl, I guess he’s earned it,” one man said.

“I think Joe Flacco deserves it. He’s worked hard. He’s been with us for a certain amount of years,” one woman said.

As for what Flacco thinks about his new deal:

“It’s pretty cool to see how the guys have reacted, how my teammates have reacted.  It’s been good,” he said.

As we learned during the Super Bowl, Mrs. Flacco is expecting their second child. So the extra few million will certainly come in handy.


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