(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Joe Linta the Agent for Joe Flacco talked with Ed & Steve about Flacco’s new contract and the cap friendliness of it.

Joe talked about how watching Flacco go through the process of being a college senior to being an NFL starting QB made him feel like a proud father. He also hinted at how it felt great to prove everyone wrong who thought he was crazy for saying Joe should be a top 5 QB on the pay scale.

Ed asked Linta if there was any hesitation about walking away from the negotiating table last August for fear of injuries or a bad season. Joe said there was never any worry about Joe having a bad season, he knew that wouldn’t happen. And he and Flacco felt like if there was a serious injury the Ravens would use the franchise tag so they were not worried about that either.

Joe joked about Flacco going to McDonald’s saying that he had to “wait til the check cleared” but then went on to say that it goes to show that the big money deal is not going to change Flacco and who he is as a person. Ed asked Joe about Flacco being criticized so heavily, and Joe said people who don’t like him will continue not to like him. The best quote of the interview was “it took Peyton 15 years to get to where Joe is at in 5.”

Joe Linta also talked about negotiating with the Ravens and how it was like a husband and wife relationship where they would yell at each other but they still loved each other at the end of the day.

Steve asked Joe if he felt he had more leverage than the Ravens because the Ravens couldn’t have Joe at the franchise tag number. Joe said maybe because the Ravens are tight to the cap but he felt like both sides really wanted to get a long-term deal done to keep Joe where he wants to be……right here in Baltimore.

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