This storm is taking its time getting here, but it’s still coming.

What a beautiful day Tuesday! Sunshine helped warm us up to 48 degrees. Even though that’s warmer than it’s been lately, it’s still below the average of 50 degrees. Clear skies are about to give way to clouds, though, as the storm we’ve been talking about is almost here.

This storm has grown in strength and size, and will only getting bigger and stronger by the time it crosses the Mid-Atlantic. It’s a very dynamic storm, that could even produce some thunder and lightning. This storm also already has a lot of moisture and is going to draw more Atlantic moisture into it during intensification. If it were all snow, the numbers would be huge. However, rain and sleet will cut those snow numbers while temperatures above freezing (between 32-35 Wednesday afternoon) will also promote some melting. Even with all of that, snow will be heavy enough at times that we are going to get accumulations.

This is how it plays out:
-rain/snow arrives a little later than we initially thought, closer to midnight
-Overnight: the storm really gets started as the rain to snow changeover spreads down toward the city, while the intensity picks up
-Wednesday: it will be a messy day…heavy snow/sleet/rain with accumulations; winds increase with gusts over 40 mph
*this is the peak of the storm*
-Overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning: rain/snow mix wind down but the high winds continue

As far as accumulations go, please see the attached map. Remember that there will be a battle going on with the snowfall intensity and temperatures slightly above freezing in combination with mixing.

It will be windy and chilly the rest of Thursday with flurries and showers. But, the winds will start to back off Friday with some sunshine returning and then we are back up to 50 degrees with sunshine on Saturday – just in time to spring forward Sunday morning.

Make sure you check in with WJZ,, @WJZWeather, @bernadettewoods, and Bernadette Woods Meteorologist (on Facebook) during the storm. We will be here and updating these as often as we can.


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