Forecast looks pretty much on track in view of latest models. We are comfortable with the 4-8 inches for Baltimore but would mention higher amounts in the higher elevations to the west like parts of Frederick on west with potential for a foot or more in some places.

There will be a tendency for clouds to increase Tuesday, but it is going to be a rather mild day with temperatures mostly in the mid and in some cases, the upper 40s. Of course, all of this will be changing Tuesday night, and the clouds will eventually spread precipitation out across Maryland late. At this time, we are still convinced that some light and spotty precipitation will consist of both rain and snow, which could last for at least four or five hours until a new area of low pressure begins to ramp up its intensity over eastern and southern parts of Virginia.

This strengthening low pressure area will cause pockets of heavier precipitation toward dawn, and especially during the daytime Wednesday. Therefore, we should still talk about some rain mixing in during the morning, but the odds favor that all forms of precipitation will be quickly changing over to a heavy, wet snow for much of the day and into the evening hours. Couple this with winds that will gust as high as 40 mph, and you’ve got a really nasty day coming!

The snow, which will weigh on tree limbs and power lines in some of the suburbs, as well as the gusty winds, could lead to some power outages, and most roads and sidewalks will be covered in slush by midday Wednesday. The worst of the storm appears as if it will be Wednesday afternoon, and then the snow’s intensity should start to back off late Wednesday night.

When it’s all over, there should be between 4 and 8 inches in Greater Baltimore, but western Maryland and Hagerstown are probably going to see 10 inches or more!


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