Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Jake Arrieta called Ed & Steve today to talk about spring training and the upcoming season.

Steve asked Jake about his ping pong skills which he is known for throughout the Orioles clubhouse. Jake said that while he loves to play ping pong, no one is on JJ Hardy’s level and he keeps working to get there.

Ed asked Jake about trying to irritate his wife with his facial hair. Jake said he is clean shaven now but he knows how to irritate his wife, said he keeps it clean and funny but knows what it takes to get under her skin.

Ed asked Jake about pitching to Matt Wieters. Jake said to play with Matt Wieters is amazing, he talked about them coming through the minors together and said it to see Wieters progression has been great.

Steve asked Jake about playing international baseball and representing the USA. Jake said he believes the World Baseball Classic is underrated and that playing for team USA is a huge that honor that he has enjoyed in the past and believes Adam Jones will enjoy it this year.

Ed asked Jake about the feeling in the locker room as opposed to the way it was last year. Jake said that it’s confidence and that they know they can win and be a playoff team this year as to where last year they thought they could.

Jake told the guys he always feels like he has something to prove and he is looking forward to battling his way into the rotation for the O’s.


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