With last nights loss to the UNC Tarheels, I believe the Terps are going to miss the tournament. I know I’m not breaking news with this, but i don’t have confidence in this team to make a run through the ACC Tournament. I don’t feel like they can even beat Virginia on the road to help their cause.

The UNC loss looms large because it would have been another good win for the Terps at home. I think the committee would have looked at MD a little better because of the high regard the Tar Heels are held in and they were playing as good a basketball as anyone over the past few weeks. The Terps are in dire need of a true PG, and it absolutely showed against UNC. Roddy Peters will be here next year but that isn’t going to help the Terps today. Too many turnovers and the offense doesn’t look very fluid. That leads me to believe they wont do well in the ACC tournament or play well at Virginia. I think the Terps are N.I.T. bound.


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