Towson today announced the cutting of Baseball and Soccer. The move was made to comply with Title IX regulations.

Mike Wadell, Towson’s Athletic Director, joined Glenn Younes Friday to discuss the process that went into the decision. After the interview, the fan received a ton of phone calls with displeasure toward Towson’s decision. Some Baseball players even chimed in to voice their displeasure. The Baseball team had a collective effort to wear black tape over the Towson logo on their uniforms.

“There are more female students than there are male students,” Wadell told Glenn. “And that put us into a little bit of a challenge as we try to manage numbers moving forward because that trend is really a national trend. This is not a short term issue, this is a longer term issue we were trying to get a hold of.”

Towson enrollment lists at 61 percent female and 39 percent male. Participation in sports is 52 percent female to 48 percent male. The University had a $1.36 million deficit in 2012 with a projected deficit of $700,000 if cuts were not made.

“I want to make sure that you know this,” Wadell continued. “We need to get all of Tiger Nation behind this baseball team. They’ve earned a lot of respect, they’ve had a great start to the year, and we want them to finish strong.”

It was not all about cuts today for Towson. They did add Men’s Tennis. The full report is available from Towson President Maravene S. Loeschke.


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