BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As cardinals meet in Rome to select a new pope, hundreds of Baltimore-area students got some inside information about the process.

Adam May takes us to a classroom with connections.

The selection of a new pope begins Tuesday. Many younger Catholics are witnessing it for the first time. Monday, hundreds of students in Baltimore got a rare inside look at the selection process.

At Our Lady of Victory school, Archbishop William Lori addressed eighth-graders over the Internet from the Vatican, more than 4,000 miles from Baltimore.

“I thought it was super cool. I don’t think our eighth grade class will do something like this again,” said student Megan Quinn.

Seventeen schools in the Archdiocese took part in the webinar learning about the conclave.

“I really hope they take away how important this event is in our history,” said principal Wendy Cottrell.

Selected students got to ask the archbishop a question.

“The question I had was, `Is there a ceremony held after the pope is elected?’ and yes, there is. I thought that was great–neat–how there is,” said Emma Olszewski.

Students also learned about the extensive security at the Vatican to ensure secrecy.

“I learned you can’t have your cell phones. Weird, ’cause I have mine all the time,” said Mekhi Rock.

The cardinals begin voting on the new pope Tuesday. Once we see white smoke rising from the chimney, we know they’ve made their selection. The longest conclave in history was five days.


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