I know I’m in the minority on this Boldin deal, but I think they made a smart move. They wanted Boldin back at their number and he said NO!

So, the Ravens decided to trade him to the 49ers for a 6th round pick. Don’t get it twisted in thinking the Ravens thought that Boldin’s value was a 6th rounder. They were going to cut him anyway and received compensation with the pick, along with 6 million dollars in cap relief.

In a perfect world the Ravens would have loved to have Anquan Boldin come back and try to repeat this past season. I believe in the philosophy of letting a guy go too soon instead of too late.

Boldin will be 33 years old and during the regular season he averaged 61yrds per game and a td every 4 games. I believe his production is going to drastically decrease and at his age injuries tend to happen more often.


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