Ed Reed joined the Glenn Younes show Monday night to give his thoughts about the Anquan Boldin trade and to discuss the overall loss that the Ravens will suffer.

 (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ed Reed on the Boldin trade:

“What a business this is”

“Really tough. Anquan was a big part of our team , a big part of us winning the championship. He brings a lot to the table, not just as a football player, but as a man on & off the field.  He leads by example first & foremost and a lot of young receivers definitely learn from him & are going to learn from him out in San Francisco if he continues to play.”

After talking about the Boldin loss, Ed talked about his own impending free agency.

On hiring David Dunn as his agent:

“I’m always on point to what’s going on around me & I am always looking for more information. …Why wouldn’t I dot every I & cross every T to make sure I have the information going forward on what needs to be done?  First & Foremost for myself, knowing my value, knowing my work which I already had my hand on & understanding what I needed somebody to do for me.”

On staying a Raven:

“It is what it is, you see one of my best friends on the team, Anquan, now gone. Joe Montana was in Kansas City, Jerry Rice winded up playing in Oakland…I mean we are football players, we’re ready to play football. I can play football anywhere; rain, sleet or snow, on the moon – catch a pick, Who does that? …I’m gonna let the business side take care of things.”

“I know after 11 years where I would like to play football, where I want to play football. But I know sometimes that ‘s not the case & it doesn’t work out for you to decide. It’s a business & you have to adapt to the business as well and I think I’ve done that over the years.”

You can listen to the whole interview right here!

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