As a sports fan, you may really get attached to certain players. If you’re that person, it’s understood that you would become attached to a player like Anquan Boldin. He’s a player who’s name was often mentioned during the Baltimore Ravens’ Superbowl run. Not to mention he’s one of the better pros on the team.

On Monday, after the Ravens asked the 10-year veteran to take a $2 million pay cut, the team solved the problem of the $7.5 million cap hit that Boldin would have cost them by trading him to the San Francisco 49ers.

Instantly, the Charm City turned into “Panic Central.” Ravens Nation all had a flashback of this past postseason and the 22 receptions that #81 had for their team. That’s what fans are suppose to do. They have that right.

While I’ve always expected fans to be fans, I’m glad Ozzie Newsome and company takes the proper role of running the team from a business standpoint. Trading Anquan Boldin and dumping his salary makes good business sense.

This team will have to adjust to not having Boldin, but not having Boldin doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance to win. They still do.

I remember two years ago when people wanted to jump off of a bridge because the team parted ways with both Derrick Mason and Todd Heap in the same year. That worked out well for them and ultimately, this move will as well.

I’m not pretending to have all of the answers for the Baltimore Ravens. It’s not my job, it’s Ozzie’s and he’s better than all of us at this.


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