Univ. Of Md. Grad Convicted Of Conspiracy In Cannibal-Plot Case

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NEW YORK (WJZ) — A New York police officer who graduated from the University of Maryland is found guilty of plotting to kidnap, torture and eat women.

Jessica Kartalija has the latest on what’s become known as the “cannibal cop” case.

Officer Gilberto Valle could be sentenced to life in prison.

For the first time, the jury inside the federal courthouse viewed graphic pictures and video as they finished hearing evidence in the cannibalism case against NYPD officer Gilberto Valle. A short time later, jurors convicted Valle of plotting to kidnap, cook and eat women.

Jurors viewed graphic images of women being tortured, tied up, in bondage and various sexual positions.

It didn’t stop there. An FBI computer technician described other graphic images. Some of the women were dead. Some were strangled and one even had her throat cut out.

The case shed light on an underworld of people who fantasize online about cannibalism.

It was all part of the prosecution’s effort to show the married city cop was part of a conspiracy to kidnap, cut up and cook women. Prosecutors say even Valle’s own wife and mother of his child was a target for torture and cannibalism.

Defense attorneys have been making the case that Valle was all talk and that he never acted on the things he chatted about online. They even got FBI agent Anthony Foto to admit that about Valle.

“In fact,” said his defense attorney, “Mr. Valle told you he would never hurt anyone, isn’t that right?”

“That’s correct,” was the answer.

There was no evidence that any of the women whom Valle was plotting to kill were actually harmed but he did conduct surveillance of these women and researched them in a law enforcement database.

It took jurors 12 days to reach a guilty verdict. Tuesday, their decision was announced in Manhattan District Court.

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