OT Central Michigan 1D

#79 Eric Fisher 6070 306 5.05

34 ½ arm 10 ½ hand 27×225 28.5 VJ 9’6” BJ

7.59 3 CH 4.44 SS

Strength: Quick off snap. good hand balance- good hand punches. good 1st step in pass- good knee bend. Comes off aggressive on base, shoot hands, keeps feet moving- good on reacting- runs well. Can combo up to +2 – slides feet well in pass-smart- can pick up stunts slides well in pass. Good reaction. Can anchor. Good hands size. Good strength in pass. Shows some nasty strong. Quick. Good on down block. Will follow –can pull and run. Athletic. Excellent quickness.

Weakness: over aggressive in pass- set bend –must have tighter hands. Beat 2x by N. ILL must keep head up in pass. Will overset some and get beat inside must head back in pass pro

Summary: Eric has good size and still can add more bulk. Good play strength. Very athletic can slide feet in pass and close. nice jrs on pull. Has good knee bend. Quick out of semar will come off with flat back has run and will keep feet moving. Smart kid can pick up stunts has awareness. I like his nasty and look to finding but closer all the time. Must work on keeping his back in pass pro and he will get himself in trouble when he oversees then is spin to inside move. I really like this kid upside because of athletic ability smarts and work ethic.

OT Fla State 2D

#71 Menelik Watson 6050 310 5.29

34”arm 10 3/8 hand 24.5 VJ 8”6” BJ 8.31 3cm 5.01SS

Strength: good size- quick off snap. Quick 1st stop- good 2 arm extension in pass runs will come off flat back can combo up to LB quick on reach. Block good insde punches in pass. Can anchor-can get body in run game. Tough. Like him in run game. Good 1st step in pass.

Weakness: must sit back in pas- must show hands low. Must put hands inside on pass and outside speed some problems. Must put foot in ground so bull and anchor stamina?

Summary: Good size moves well for size in both pass and run. He shows smarts and shows ability to pick up stunts. He does a good job in pass with set good initial punches slides feet well plays with good balance. will get in trouble if hands aren’t right and must get foot in ground to punches. Has good kick step shows nasty. In run game comes off flat back gets some movement and shows ability to get to 2nd level Iwould give this kid a shot at KT first. Looks like he may hate movement for it has him prove he can’t.


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