STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A man fishing on a pier in Kent Island finds a body in the water near the shore.

Now Maryland State Police are trying to determine if it’s Robin Pope.

Rochelle Ritchie has more.

The body has not been identified, but it was seen in the area of 51-year-old Robin Pope, who is the woman who suddenly went missing. Pope’s dental records are now being used to see if they match that of the woman found.

An intense investigation is underway in Queen Anne’s County to determine the identity of a body found floating along the Kent Island shoreline, just a mile and a half from the home of Robin Pope, who is still missing.

“There was no immediate positive identification of the body. Investigators believe the body is that of an adult female,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

The lifeless body was spotted by a man fishing off the pier who immediately called 911.

“Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office responded, they contacted state police homicide investigators because of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Robin Pope,” Shipley said.

Pope was reported missing March 2. Queen Anne’s County sheriff deputies conducted multiple land and water searches for her that turned up nothing.

Her daughters spoke to WJZ two weeks ago.

“It’s just bizarre because she contacts us so much. It’s unusual, it’s not like her,” said Rachael Pope.

Police have notified Pope’s family about the body found, but say it could be awhile before there is a positive ID.

“There was some decomposition on the body, but again we will await a determination from the medical examiner as far as length of time the body was in the water and deceased,” said Shipley.

Pope was reported missing by her estranged husband, who was the last to see her alive.

Crime scene technicians are collecting evidence in hopes of figuring out how the woman ended up in the water and most importantly, who she is.

Again, the body found has not been identified as Robin Pope. Investigators have not determined how or why Pope went missing three weeks ago.


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