BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Changes in U.S. mail delivery have letter carriers outraged.

Adam May reports if you live in Baltimore, there’s a good chance your postal worker traded in the mailbag for a picket sign.

Baltimore letter carriers rallied downtown, fighting to keep Saturday mail delivery.

“We’ve always had Saturday delivery. The people deserve Saturday delivery,” said Tony Ravenscroft, postal worker.

In February, the Postmaster General proposed eliminating Saturday mail to save $2 billion a year.

“In the Letter Carrier Union Craft alone you lose 23,000 jobs,” said Mike Smith, Union President.

The local union president predicts other private companies will use this as an opportunity to grow.

“The Postal Service has a monopoly on first-class mail. If they give up Saturday delivery another company will pick up that business,” Smith said.

Postal workers held rallies in almost every major city in the U.S. A common theme is that customers will be harmed.

“We have elderly people that depend on us. Sometimes we’re the only faces they see, but more importantly, we deliver medications for them,” said Doreen Carter, postal worker.

Meanwhile workers fear jobs and support for their families are on the line.

Congress has required six day a week delivery since 1987.


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