As mentioned, our attention turns once again to the potential for another late-season wet snowstorm for parts of the northern Mid Atlantic and Northeast late Sunday and Monday. Just like the storm in early March, this one is presenting some formidable forecast challenges, with the most difficult challenges lined up along the I-95 corridor from DC/Baltimore to Boston.

Across the metro region, the challenge will be precip type. While the air will be plenty cold enough in much of the atmosphere to support snow, temperatures near the ground will be mild enough for snow to mix with rain for a time. With temperatures in the lowest 1,000 feet being in the 30s, any time on Monday that the precip turns heavier, it will likely change to just snow. North and west of the city (away from the influence of the Atlantic and where elevations are just a few hundred feet higher), conditions on Monday should be cold enough to allow for only snow. As winds become more northerly later on Monday, precip will probably turn to just snow over much of the region. One thing to note…when the precip turns to just snow in the city, the temperature will be above 32 … this will limit accumulations because snow will be slowly melting as it is accumulating! At the same time, the snow, when it is falling, will come down fairly heavily allowing for some quick accumulations.

At this time, we expect that little, if any snow will accumulate along the Delaware Coast. In the city total snow accumulations will average 1 to 3 inches while it is feasible that parts of the region could collect 3-6 inches, especially just north and west of the city…MOSTLY SLUSHY AND IN HIGHER ELEVATIONS.

In the wake of the storm, there will be an extended period of unseasonably cool, mainly dry weather through next weekend, with just a nuisance rain or snow shower around in the afternoons.


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