White Student Union Claims Towson Has Black-On-White Crime Problem

According to the University System of Maryland, which monitors crime on campus, Towson University has the lowest crime statistics. Despite an increase in enrollment, violent crimes are down almost 38 percent.

Some students fear Heimbach’s beliefs more than an actual criminal.

“I felt very safe, but when I heard about this, I was like, `Well, now I can’t walk alone. I have to find a guy friend to walk me back to my dorm,'” said Alexandra Gainous.

In response to the White Student Union crime patrol, university officials say, “We do not encourage the general public to take the law into their own hands for both their personal safety and legal protection.”

Some call Heimbach a racist. He says he is simply trying to serve his community.

“The White Student Union is just trying to be the vanguard to help our community,” he said.

Heimbach says three males and one female armed with pepper spray will patrol the campus and report or place a person under citizen’s arrest if they believe that person is committing a crime. Heimbach says if his group sees a non-white student being violated, they will step in and help.

Heimbach graduates in May.

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