When I was hosting my show last week, fans were still complaining about all the players the Ravens had lost through free agency or trades. Fast forward one week later, and it seems fans are singing praise for Ozzie Newsome. I think Ozzie made some moves that had to happen to better this team for the future.

Sure it hurts to see Ed Reed leave and finish his career with another team. I expect most fans to remember the big plays that Anquan Boldin made in the post season, but the reality is that he doesn’t get much separation and averaged 61 yards a game and a TD every 4 games. The Pollard move had fans scratching their heads, but it seems like there were some behind the scenes issues and he was subsequently let go.

I do like the most recent moves and think they are better in the long run for the organization. I think Michael Huff adds a lot of versatility and a solid player that is very happy to be out of Oakland. The Elvis Dumervil signing speaks for itself. I think its incredible to get a premier pass rusher at this point of free agency for the price they paid. Dumervil and Suggs setting the edge is a scary sight for opposing teams.


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