Casey Stern of MLB Network Radio joined Glenn Younes on Thursday nights edition of “The Glenn Younes Show”. Casey came on to discuss the American League East and how the things look to shake out for the Orioles. But first Glenn and Casey talked about Casey’s favorite team, the New York Mets.

After the Mets talk, Glenn asked Casey his opinion on Alex Rodriguez making more money than the entire Houston Astros team. Casey responded by simply saying “If you have the money, why don’t you spend it”. Casey then went on to say that the blame falls more on the Astros for having only two players that make above two million dollars.

Following up the business side of baseball, Glenn and Casey previewed the AL East and the Yankees especially. Casey believes the Yankees injuries will hamper their season and make them finish third in the AL East.

Casey then gave his opinion on the Orioles starting rotation. Casey gave the O’s rotation the grade of mediocre. “Hammel is a 3 to 3 1/2 at best, the upside with Gonzalez is what intrigues me”.

Finally Casey gave the rest of his American League East Preview with…1) Rays, 2) Red Sox, 3) Yankees, 4) Orioles, 5) Blue Jays

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