PASADENA, Md. (WJZ)—Firefighters raced to Anne Arundel County on Friday afternoon after a teen found himself trapped up to his waist in mud.

Gigi Barnett reports the teen was sinking fast in a mud pit.

Board by board, Anne Arundel County firefighters made their way across a sediment pit. In the middle of it was a 15-year-old boy trapped in the mud.

“They were able to get some leverage and pull him out of the mud,” said Captain Michael Pfaltzgraff, Anne Arundel Fire Department.

Firefighters were then able to help the teen walk to solid ground.

But investigators say it’s a mystery how he became trapped. The pit is private property.

“This is a fenced-off area. It has been fenced off for a reason, and we wouldn’t advise anybody to be back there unless they are agents of the property owners,” Pfaltzgraff said.

But neighbors may have an idea. The sediment pit is a secret hangout spot for residents, but there’s just one rule.

“Everybody goes back there.  It’s a lot of wildlife back there, and it’s neat looking, but you don’t walk on it,” said Tim Bryant, Pasadena neighbor.

Just like firefighters, Bryant says he too had to rescue something from the muddy pit once.

“Our dog got stuck in it one day. It’s like a gray quicksand, mud quicksand,” he said.

Neighbors say the deceiving thing about the pit is that the mud looks dry until you step on it.

Firefighters are not releasing the name of the teen but say he is in serious condition.


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