The Voice of Baltimore Baseball Tonight Steve Melewski joins Ed & Steve to talk Orioles Opening Day. The birds are a day away from opening the season in Tampa Bay and are looking to repeat last years success. Orioles ace Jason Hammel will take the mound against reigning AL Cy young award winner David Price will pitch for the Rays.

Steve asked Melewski about pundits not picking the Orioles to make the playoffs.  He told the guys that it seems that more pundits are jumping on board after the Orioles strong March.

Ed thinks he division is strong but it is really wide-0pen. Melewski agreed, he said that you could pick  the teams in any order and you might be right.

Steve asked Steve what the biggest question mark for the Orioles is. Melewski told them that the biggest question mark is if the guys who came out of nowhere can do it again this year. He says it will be interesting to see if guys like Jason Hammel and Miguel Gonzalez can continue to produce.

Steve then asked what Melewski thought would be the final standings in the AL East. Melewski picked the O’s on top, followed by Tampa Bay, Boston, Toronto and then New York.


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