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ESPN reporter John Barr joined The Norris & Davis show to talk about the Rutgers basketball story he broke.  The story shows video of Rutgers basketball head coach Mike Rice abusing his players physically and at times screaming obscenities at them.

Steve started off by asking how Barr came about this story. Barr stated that for sometime word had been spreading about the tape and about 10 days ago they obtained the tape showing some of these events. From there they went and talked to Eric Murdock who they knew had a falling out with head coach Mike Rice.

Ed asked Barr how culpable the university should be for this problem and how long they actually knew. Barr told them that Tim Pernetti, the Rutgers Athletic Director, claims to have to started an investigation into Rice’s actions immediately when he became aware of the news last summer.

Steve asked if there have been any players that didn’t seem to be too bothered by coach’s actions. Barr told him that yes he has found people that seem to be fine with it, and shockingly enough many of those people are the Rutgers players who said that.


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