Former Redskins Superbowl Champion quarterback Doug Williams joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Ravens and his upcoming charity flag football game.

Doug was on to let everyone know about his flag football game coming up to raise money for The Heart Health Foundation. The game will be played at the U. S. Naval Academy on April 10th, the festivities start at 2 pm and the game is from 3-4 pm.

Steve asked Doug if there was any advice he would give Joe one Superbowl MVP to another. Doug said that they’re a bit different because Doug was towards the end of his career when he won his, and Doug’s main advice was for Joe to go and win another ring.

Ed asked Doug about how the QB position is changing in the NFL. Doug said that these QB’s are exciting to watch because they are elite at throwing and elite runners as well. Doug also said it will be interesting to see how defenses will adapt now with a years worth of tape to scout, and that these guys will never replace traditional drop back QB’s like Brady and Manning.

Ed than shared a story of meeting Doug and how great of a guy Doug was and that he and Doug were neighbors while Ed lived in Tampa Bay.

Steve than asked Doug who is the head football coach at Grambling if he had ever seen anything like the Mike Rice situation at Rutgers. Doug said he has never seen anything like that and said he was shocked Rice had only been suspended initially and that Rice’s behavior was inexcusable. Doug also said he’s never been around a coach who gets physical with a player, or cursed a player.

Finally Steve asked Doug if he thinks there is still a color barrier at the QB position, or if he thinks life would be easier had he been playing now. Doug said that no matter what was written about him it was always “black quarterback Doug Williams” and that today guys are just looked at as QB’s without their race being involved.



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