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Montee Ball #28 SR

RB Wisconsin (Big10) | Projected 3nd-4rd Round

5’11”  214lbs | 4.59 second – 40 yd. dash
32 5/8″ arm | 9” hand | 15 x 225 Bench | 4.40 Shuttle | 32” Vertical Jump | 9’10″ Broad Jump

2009) 98 391 4.0avg 4TD 9rec
2010) 163 996yds 6.1avg 18TD 16rec
2011) 307 1923yds 6.3avg 33TD 24rec 6TD
2012) 356 1830yds 5.1avg 22TD 10rec

Strength: Vision. Production. Tough. Will drop pass and keep feet moving. Has a burst through hole. Willing blocker. Strength in lower. Ca make people miss in hole- good hips-  & G.L. runner

Weakness: more of an initial runner thru all-don’t see many big plays-speed qualities

Summary: this is a very productive back in college. I don’t see many special qualities. He has good vision has good toughness. He is an inside runner. Doesn’t show outside spin. He doesn’t break a lot of faults. He gets what is blocked is not good much in pass game.

– – – –

Manti Te’o #5 SR
ILB N.DAME | Projected 1st-2nd Round

6’1″ 241 lbs | 4.71 second – 40 yd. dash
32 ½” arm | 9 ½”  hand | 33” Vertical Jump | 7.13 3cm | 4.27 Shuttle | 9’4” Broad Jump

2009) 63TT 5.5TFL 1sack outside LB
2010) 133TT 9.5 TFL ILB 3.4DEF
2011) 128TT 13.5 TFL 5sacks
2012)103 TT 5.5 TFL 1.5 sacks 7 INT

Strength: Attitude FD or ISO-uses hands well to sides-good drop coverage. Competes. Reads QB well in zone. Quick reads and react. Understands notes-will wrap- takes good angles. Slides well down LOS. Good hands. Isot production. Has qks to jump around blocks.-can find ball. Good intentions-smart aware. Slides well down LOS. Has strength. Showed power on tackle can knock back. Thick. Shows some burst on blitz- uses hands well to spin. Doesn’t stay blocked can stack has quicks to slip blocks and make tackles- understands coverage-fluid in drops- quick to read screen.

Weakness: Explosiveness taking on-gives. Avg attitude. Will struggle with m/m coverage- will overrun and miss some tackles.

Summary: I think this kid is adjust attitude. He is quicker than foot. He understands zone coverage has good drop. And instincts in pass game. He had 7 INT this season. He shows good instincts and awareness. Reads screens quality. Qk reads and react in run game. Uses hands well to play off blocks and has quicks to slip blocks. He will get by big OL at times. He will wrap to tackle at times will lunge not bend legs and fall off tackles. He struggled vs Alabama but in other shows skills in all aspects. He can find ball and he can make plays. Most MLB will have trouble low in coverage so will he. He does have good hips and feet in drops. Really understands zone coverage.

– – – –

Tyler Eifert #80 JR

TE N.DAME | Projected 1st-2nd Round

6’6″ 250 lbs | 4.68 second – 40 yd. dash
33 1/8″ arm | 9 1/8″ hand | 22×225 Bench | 35 ½ Vertical Jump | 9’9” Broad Jump | .923cm | 4.32 Shuttle

2010) 27 352 2TD
2011) 63 803 5TD
2012) 50 685 4TD

Strength: good feet and hips- good adjust. Has some run after catch. Will work to get body inside. good on GL can spin out. Will go up and win jump balls- can break down and just in and out of breaks. Smooth runner. Split out most of time-good concentration. Can make aerobic catches. Has tight? body control- snatch hands-wins contentious balls. has some play strength.

Weakness: not a strong blocker- will lunge and miss blocks. Is a finesse blocker. Not a LOS blocker.

Summary: this kid plays more like a big WR- he nearly lines up on LOS he is either on move on split out. Has excellent receiver skills. He has a good release he is a smooth runner has good feet and hips to get in and out of breaks. Shows ability to suspend. Has good speed to get down the field. Has smart to finds holes in zone. Excellent body control to catch high low behind. He can make the acrobatic catch. Is used wide in GL to catch jump balls. This kid is a weapon as a receiver and not going to grade out much as a blocker.


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