ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney joined Ed & Steve to talk about opening day.

Steve asked Buster why he picked the Orioles to finish first. Buster said he originally was going to pick the Blue Jays but visited the Orioles in spring training and their pitching depth swayed him over to the O’s. Buster thinks the Orioles overcame a lot last year and showed how resilient they are.

Ed asked Buster about question marks for the Orioles. Buster said all the AL East teams have major question marks. Question for the Orioles is production from the middle of the batting order but Chris Davis is answering that question right now, and Buster believes our starting pitching will be fine.

Steve asked Buster what he thought about the Evan Longoria play where he was called out for running past another runner on the base paths. Buster said it was interesting because there wasn’t a definitive view that could show whether or not he actually passed Ben Zobrist.

Steve asked Buster for his thoughts on Buck Showalter. Buster said there has never been any doubt that Buck is one of the smartest people in the game. His knowledge and study of the game are better than anyone in baseball.

Buster did however disappoint with his World Series pick…..the Washington Nationals.


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