Former Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey and current MASN analyst joined Ed & Steve to talk about opening day for the O’s.

Steve asked Dempsey about the start for the Orioles this year. Rick said they’ve been so exciting and should be 3-0 but he’s still excited despite that blown game 2.  They get good timely hitting and great defense and will be a force this year especially if Davis keeps rolling.

Ed asked Rick about the Longoria play. Rick said it was not 100% clear but you could tell by Longoria’s reaction that he knew he had passed Zobrist and was out.

Steve asked Rick how he would pitch to Chris Davis right now. Rick said its very very tough to pitch to a guy who is as hot at the plate as Davis is right now, and that no matter what you do he is gonna crush the ball right now.

Ed asked Rick about Manny Machado. Dempsey said that he is like a young Brooks Robinson and he is fantastic defensively.


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