WHITE MARSH, Md. (WJZ) — Spring just arrived and now high school students are thinking about prom.

At White Marsh Mall Saturday, a prom fashion show that has a deeper meaning. Daniel Borowy was one of the top models.

Vic Carter reports he was the victim of gun violence by another student who had been bullied.

We’ll never forget the horror of the shooting at Perry Hall High School. A student is shot by another teen who carried a gun into the cafeteria and began firing.

Daniel Borowy was knocked from his chair by the gun blast to his back. Robert Gladden Jr., 15, had been bullied. He intended to kill several people that day.

Police: “How many bullets did you take with you today?”

Gladden: “21.”

Police: “Why so many?”

Gladden: “Figured if I’m going to do it, I might as well kill a lot.”

Daniel Borowy spent weeks recovering. Now he’s modeling prom tuxedos and sending a message to stop bullying.

“We’re all different, we’re all here on the same planet. We all need to get along, we all need to appreciate everybody’s differences also,” said Daniel’s mother, Rosemary Borowy. “Sometimes I think people don’t look at it that way. But everybody has something wonderful to add to this world and people need to realize that.”

“We decided to use this event since we’re going to have so many teenagers here to find another focus on the event, which is anti-bullying and to spread awareness about bullying and how bad it’s gotten in today’s schools, especially in high schools,” said Jessica Benson, White Marsh Mall. “So we decided what better way to show that than with Daniel being part of this fashion show.”

Also at the fashion show, representatives from the Baltimore Bully Project. They promoted their “Do Something, Say Something” campaign.


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