We’re going to be experiencing some of the season’s warmest weather to date this week, but there are also some pretty strong signals that indicate it will be much cooler around here by Friday, too.

Today, with no less than partial sunshine, most temperatures will wind up in the 70s. The latest cool front that is located in the Northeast will actually grind to a halt over northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New England Monday afternoon, and then it will retreat to the north at night as a warm front.

So, whatever shower activity there is associated with it will remain well to the north of Maryland, and this will also be the case Tuesday and Tuesday night.

The warmest weather we will encounter this week should be on Wednesday and Thursday. Of course, Tuesday’s temperatures are still expected to be around 80, which is still more than 15 degrees above the seasonal averages. Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll see most temperatures peak in the lower 80s (records for each of those dates are around 90, by the way), and there could be a few showers and a thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon or (more likely) Thursday night.

A back-door cold front, or one that will be slowly pressing down from the north and east, will eventually manage to bring some major changes to our area on Friday. This is when the temperature will probably fail to get out of the 60s, with plenty of clouds and a good chance for some rain. Saturday will probably be even cooler!

Have a good day!!


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