This will be a weekly blog from me about Major League Baseball. Appropriately called, 6-4-3, it will feature the top 6 teams in the league, 4 stats of the week, and the bottom 3 teams in the league. It will come out Tuesday of every week during the season.

Let’s get it started:

Top 6 –

1. Braves – the Upton brothers are looking good!

2. D’Backs – would be undefeated had J.J. Putz not been a putz!

3. Athletics – we are surprised, but should we be?

4. Rockies- Walt Weiss is off to a great start in Denver.

5. Nationals – It’s scary how good they are going to be.

6. Red Sox – Not a bad first week, especially beating the Yankees.

4 Stats –

1. Chris Davis’ 17 RBIs are still more than 5 entire teams run totals in MLB.

2. Michael Morse leads the AL in HRs with 5. Looks like a great move so far.

3. The league leader in strikeouts in the first week? Yup! You guessed it. Jeff Samardzija of the Cubs with 22.

4. The Astros team batting average is .199. Think about that.

Bottom 3 – teams

1. Astros – see last stat as to one of the many reasons why.

2. Padres – worst run differential in baseball at -26.

3. Miami – at least the weather is nice. Not much else in South Florida will be.

See you next week!

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