Joe Unitas Screenplay Writer For Unitas We Stand

Joe Unitas son of Johnny and screenplay writer for the upcoming movie “Unitas We Stand” joined Ed & Steve to talk about Joe Flacco’s involvement.

Joe talked about how Joe Flacco will portray the action parts of the 59 Championship game where the Colts beat the Giants in OT. John Unitas Jr was very upset about Joe Flacco getting the role and sounded off calling Joe a goofball.

Joe talked about the era of Johnny’s life that the movie will cover. The movie is supposed to cover Johnny U’s life from the age of 5-25 and show his rise to becoming the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Joe talked about giving Joe Flacco game film of Johnny U so he can study his movements to make sure his portrayal looks as authentic as possible.

Joe also talked about how they need to raise more money to get the movie made and out to the public.

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