Fox Sports Denver Peter Burns joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about the possible Ravens v Broncos opening day for the NFL. Peter talks about how the Broncos fans are looking for revenge for the loss in the playoffs last season.  Burns talks about how this upcoming season for the Broncos has a lot of Superbowl expectations, so the pressure is high in a weak division of the AFC West. Peter goes on to talk about the entire handling of the opening day snafu. We also discuss the Elvis Dumervil and the fax machine fiasco that resulted in him signing with the Ravens.

“Honestly it was best for Elvis Dumervil to find employment elsewhere. You want guys with any team with a chip on their shoulder as long as it comes from another team. You guys are getting a great player Elvis Dumervil because he’s got that chip on his shoulder.” – Peter Burns

Peter goes on to talk about the additions that the Broncos have brought in, and what holes they still need to fill. The Broncos are still waiting to see if Rahim Moore is ready to take that next step, especially after the Flacco to Jones touchdown pass.


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