HANOVER, Md. (WJZ)— Maryland Live! Casino has taken its gaming to another level. Table games are now the new big thing, and officials say they expect big bucks to pour in because of it.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the impact table games are having.

More than 100 table games are now in use at Maryland Live! Casino, and in just 24 hours thousands of people have already tried their luck.

It’s a hitting game at Maryland Live! Casino with table games now on the floor.

“We’re keeping it live up here at Maryland Live!” one gamer said.

“We don’t have that anywhere around here, but now we do,” another gamer said.

From blackjack to roulette, gamblers have more than enough ways to win big money.

“It gives you more of a real casino, the whole Vegas feel,” a gamer said.

Maryland Live! casino officials say adding table games is a sure way to increase its customer base while at the same time providing more jobs.

“We’ve hired over 8,000 people in the table games department, plus another 400 people in the support department,” said Neal Sloane, Maryland Live! Casino.

The staff had to double with the addition of 122 tables offering 10 types of games.

The casino isn’t finished quite yet.  Two poker rooms with 50 additional tables will soon be added to the 330,000 square foot building.

But while the casino continues to grow, an opponent is slowly coming together to give them a run for their earnings.

Construction on the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore is expected to open next year after Maryland voters approved expanding gaming.

Sloane says they will hold their own against any competition.

“I’m looking forward to competition,” he said.

Opening just 10 months ago, the casino has brought in more than $300 million. Most of its money was made through slot machines.

Thousands of people poured in when the table games went live at midnight.

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