The back door front has slid to the south and an easterly wind has set up along with the associated clouds and even
some drizzle. That will lead to a cooler start to the day with the arrival of the rain from the cold front heading into the
region. This front, of course, will spread some moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms to the area.

Rainfall across the region will be about 1 inch. This rainfall will taper later Friday morning and we’ll have just a lingering shower or two in the afternoon. The p.m. drive will be much better than the a.m. one. We will likely even see a little sunshine later Friday afternoon and early evening.

After this point we dry out for the weekend and it’ll be fairly nice with temperatures close to or just below average. Then
on Monday it warms back up again as high pressure moves eastward and southerly winds increase. I’m a little worried
that Monday falls short of 70 with wind off the water, but we’ll leave it be for now. On Tuesday and Wednesday we
generally get into a southwesterly flow leading to warm days. This will also bring a few more clouds to the area.


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