Current NFL Agent and former player and scout, Marc Lillibridge joined the “Glenn Younes Show” on Monday night. Lillibridge’ agency is called Pro Football Syndicate of which Lardarius Webb is a client; he is also the owner of the agency. Marc joined the show to talk about Rolando McClain and the Darrelle Revis trade that happened this past Sunday.

On Rolando McClain Marc believes that the situation is ridiculous, “The Ravens have enough structure in this locker room to help this guy out, you say you aren’t going to go home that’s where I get in the most trouble, and then you go home and get arrested. That’s dumb there’s no other way to say it”.

Marc also agrees with Glenn that the Ravens will hold on to Rolando McClain until after the draft to see what they come out of it with at the linebacker position.

The Buccaneers sent this year’s 1st round pick and a conditional fourth round pick in next year’s draft which could transition into a 3rd round pick depending on performance.

Many believe the Bucs stole Revis form the Jets, Mark believed “He (Revis) got traded out of the Jets, and the deal they got him is great for both sides. If they believe he isn’t up to it they (Buccaneers) can walk away from it”.

Glenn finished it up asking how rare is the Darrelle Revis deal (6 years/96 million) for no money to be guaranteed. Marc said “It was great for their general manager to get that deal done, especially since the Buccaneers do not have a lot of ticket revenue”.

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