Rob Dauster of’ College Basketball Talk, joined the “Glenn Younes Show” Tuesday night to talk about the ACC and its transition after the University of Maryland leaves next year.

The Granting of Rights (GOR) was the center of the discussion due to all the television money that sits in the conference. “The whole point in leaving one conference for a better conference is the money you get from the TV deal. If you get the same amount of money from one TV deal or even less, there is no point in leaving”.

Rob and Glenn then discussed the possibility of the ACC launching their own TV network, “I think it will happen, all these other conferences have done it, so why not.”

Rob believes that Maryland making the move from the ACC to the Big Ten was the right move, due to the money that the Big Ten still brings in over the ACC.

When asked what it means for Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville on the agreement Rob clarified. “All of those schools were in on the agreement and if any of them were to leave, they have to give up their media rights. Where it gets tricky is Notre Dame, who has the NBC Sports Network.”

Rob and Glenn wrapped everything up with Rob’ thoughts on the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

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