Former Baltimore Ravens Director of Player Personnel Phil Savage joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about what we can expect from the Ravens on Draft night. The Ravens own 12 picks in the NFL Draft including the 32nd overall pick.

Steve started off by asking about Rolando McClain and if that looks like such a great move now. Phil said it still appears to be a low risk, high reward situation. Now it looks like the Ravens might need to add a rookie inside linebacker in the draft.

Ed asked about who Phil liked from the inside linebacker class. Phil said he likes Alec Ogletree in the 4-3 set. For the Ravens there might be more of a preference to taking Kevin Minter.

Steve asked if Kevin Minter is the kind of guy you could draft and plug right in. Phil said yes you can definitely plug him in for 2 downs and you will have to wait and see if he can be out there for 3 downs.

Ed about how this draft is thought to be the worst draft in quite some time. Phil said he doesn’t agree with that assessment. He told the guys that this draft lacks a start quarterback, but it has a lot of depth and the defensive backs groups is one the best he can recalled.

Steve asked about some of the safeties who might be sitting there at 32 for the Ravens. Phil told the guys that Eric Reid might have the most talent of all the safeties in the draft because he just has the look of a top 20 pick. Matt Elam plays more as a strong safety and that he might be a little too one-dimensional. Jonathan Cyprien is a guy who seems to play like a Raven with a lot of tackles in college and good range.

Ed asked about Tavon Austin and where he might go. Phil told the guys that he has heard as high as 8 or 9. He said that some defensive coordinators are saying to draft this kid just because they don’t want to have to try to defend him.

Steve asked about the quarterback class. Phil said he breaks the quarterbacks into groups, those who can  play in their first year and those who need some seasoning. He personally like E.J. Manuel in the long run.


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