Russ Lande is the Director of Scouting for National Football Post. He is also the Director of Scouting for GM Jr. Scouting , and the host of The Next Level on The Big Ten Network. He worked as a Scout for the Rams and the Browns.

Steve asked Russ about if the Ravens go safety who is worthy at 32. Russ said he believes Jonathan Cyprien would be a great fit for the Ravens at 32, and that Eric Reid is athletically gifted and has incredible character. Russ also went on to say he would not take Matt Elam at 32 because he is short and has stiff hips and is nowhere near the athlete Reid and Cyprien are.

Bob asked Russ about what is the best round to get a wide out and who are the best fits for them. Russ said its always good to take WRs as early as possible but thinks the Ravens could look at guys like Chris Harper from Kansas St, and Da’Rick Rodgers of Tennessee Tech to be replacements for Anquan Boldin in round 3.

Steve asked Russ about Rolando McClain and if he would cut him and what he thinks of him as a player. Russ said he would probably cut him and was not a fan of Rolando coming out of college. Russ said he was vastly overrated and over-drafted coming out of Alabama. Russ also said when a guy has been in the league for years its not correctable, as opposed to a kid fresh out of college.

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Bob asked Russ to talk about Tavon Austin of Baltimore and what kind of player he is. Russ said that Tavon is a game changer with rare explosiveness that it takes 2 steps to go from standing still to full speed. Russ said the only knock on Tavon is he is under-sized.

Steve asked Russ about Geno Smith and what he thought of him. Russ said he thinks Geno will be drafted 4th by the Eagles but he doesn’t believe he would have gone ahead of any of the 1st round picks from last year. Russ also said he believes a lot of NFL front office members have major question marks about Geno and he personally doesn’t believe Geno is worthy of a first round pick.


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