(Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

The great thing about the NFL Draft is that it gives all of us a say in who our favorite team should select. Now, that doesn’t mean the team is going to listen to us, it just means that we can pontificate before and during the selection process.

I thought the Baltimore Ravens, the team that I both cover and cheer for, would select the best safety available in the first round. They did, but I thought the best safety available would be the young man from Florida International named Jonathan Cyprien. The Ravens thought Matt Elam out of Florida was the better player.

There’s no question that Elam is faster and probably a better tackler but Elam’s size, 5’9″ plus, concerned me. Key word: “concerned.” I trust in the Ravens to make the best decision and to, of course, know more than Rob Long.

So now let’s get ready for the rest of the draft and see how this team will continue to get better.


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