Former NBA player and current Washington Wizards play-by-play man Phil Chenier joins Bob & Steve to talk about everything around the Jason Collins coming out situation.

Phil said that Jason Collins was a very engaging character and a very physical player. Phil said he hopes that this brings about a moving forward of the country to supporting the gay community.

Bob asked Phil if this had happened in 1977 what would the response have been. Phil said it’s a great question, it would have depended upon the team he was a part of at the time. Phil said on his team he thinks that they would have supported him as a teammate, as they should. Phil also said the issue was very different back then so who knows what the reaction would have been.

Steve said he believes that undressing in a locker room with a gay teammate will still be an issue and asked Phil what he thought. Phil said he doesn’t think it’ll be a problem and that nothing has changed about Jason Collins other than now you know he is gay.

Phil said he hopes that Jason coming out makes everyone think about the issue more and develop new ways of thinking about it.


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