Jake Arrieta has no problem going at people on twitter and defending himself to fans that try to call him out. Jake’s twitter handle is @jarrieta34, and when you talk smack to him, don’t be surprised when he answers you back in a less than cordial manner.

Jake tweeted out ” Watching the cross fit games.. These women are unbelievable!” Some fans decided to tweet back and say shouldn’t you be watching the Orioles?

It’s not like Jake has homework every time he leaves Norfolk to go home and watch the O’s. He is a grown man and he can watch whatever he wants in my opinion. You would like to think that Jake would want to watch those guys and root for them, but he is not expected to do so every free moment he has. So a harmless tweet giving credit to cross fit athletes, results in fans beating you up through social media.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jake going at it with fans or not watching the Orioles game. Most of the time he doesn’t get to see the Orioles play anyway. I think Jake would be perfectly fine with being called out for a bad performance on the field, but not for a harmless tweet.

I’m on Jake’s side of the argument here.


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