By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City school students take a field trip that could change the rest of their lives.

Jessica Kartalija reports the USDA visits students at a working farm, where they are literally getting an education from the ground up.

Soon to be 8-year-old Karmin Flores and her friends are learning all about bees.

“Bee hives, like the honey, feel sticky, and when there are bees in there, it’s black,” said Emanii Johnson, Yorkwood Elementary.

At Great Kids Farm in Catonsville:

“The food here is raised by students, harvested by students and goes back into student lunches and classrooms for teachers to use for various lessons as well as lessons we do here at the farm,” said Bethany Mathie, Great Kids Farm.

It’s setting such an incredible example, the USDA is visiting to try to figure out:

“What else can we do to encourage kids to eat healthier?” said Kevin Concannon, USDA Under Secretary.

Not only are these kids learning all about farming, they’re also learning the science behind growing and nurturing your own food.

“You get to learn new things that you never knew before,” Flores said.

“I get to transplant new flowers and new herbs. It’s just a great experience,” said Danielle Baker, Benjamin Franklin High School.

“The more we can reconnect kids to how food is grown, where it comes from, we have seen really positive results in encouraging kids to eat healthier,” said Concannon.

Karmin and Emanii say they plan to put their newfound knowledge to good use.

“I am going to eat plenty more plants, but not ones I never tasted and think are poison,” said Karmin Flores.

In addition to getting a great education at the farm, they’re also hoping the students will take what they learned back home and talk to their parents about healthy eating.

Students got a chance to taste the fresh veggies they harvested, as well as some of the fresh honey.


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