writer Brittany Ghiroli joined Bob & Steve to talk about the current Orioles roadtrip.

Steve asked Brittany about Adam Jones’s defenses lapse. Brittany said no one takes it worse than Adam and that Adam believes he can catch everything in the park. She did say however he was a stand up guy and right by his locker to face the heat from reporters.

Brittany said that Adam is not having any vision problems, and if he was it would effect his hitting, and he would go see someone if it was a real problem. Steve said we should get Coleman to go ask Adam about getting his eyes checked.

Bob asked Brittany about Flaherty and the back end of the lineup and their futility. And Bob also asked if JJ Hardy has said anything about his hitting futility. Brittany said he is extremely frustrated as are all of the back end guys with how much they’re struggling at the plate this season.

Steve asked Brittany about Michael Morse and if the Orioles should have tried harder to get. Brittany said absolutely he was a player she liked a lot and that the Orioles probably should have gone after him harder on the trade market.


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