A Players View on the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Washington Capitals v New York Rangers - Game Five
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Joel Ward Right Winger of the Washington Capitals joins the Glenn Younes Show to give insight on the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and his recovery process from the knee injury. Joel let Glenn know the knee is getting better and the importance of the off days before Game 1 this past Thursday night, “Those couple days were huge for me”.

The Caps came out firing in the third period and scored three goals in the first period to defeat the New York Rangers. The team was focused and ready to score.  “To be honest with you not much was really said, we had a good feeling in the locker room”.

Glenn believes the Stanley Cup Playoffs are a very unique experience and Joel wants feels the same way, “Everybody in Baltimore get down to a game…. The place was rocking wearing their jerseys and waving their flags, I was really excited to be there”.

Finally when asked about second year goaltender Brayden Holtby, Joel had nothing but praise, “He’s been unbelievable, and he’s stepped up huge”. “This year it’s a little bit more up-tempo as opposed to last year where we laid back a little bit more… It seems to be working out well for us”.

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