Jimmy Spencer from Bleacher Report joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to break down the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Jimmy breaks down the first game of the Bulls versus Heat series, in which the Bulls upset the number one seed of the Heat. Spencer talks about the performance of the Heat in game one after sitting a week, and that he expects them to bounce back in game two. Spencer then goes on to discuss and break down Steph Curry’s performance and the fact that the Golden State Warriors are now a relevant team. With Russell Westbrook going down with an injury and missing the remaining of the playoffs, now Kevin Durant has to step up and be the team’s sole number one player.

“I think you’ll see Kevin Durant have to turn into a Michael Jordan type or what Kobe Bryant has been in the past, where you have to get a little bit selfish and take more shots.” – Jimmy Spencer

With that being said Jimmy goes on to break down the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Memphis Grizzlies.

[cbs-audio url=”http://cbsbaltimore.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/jimmy-spencer-br.mp3″ download=”false” name=”Jimmy Spencer On NBA Playoffs” artist=”105.7 The Fan”]

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