Ravens middle linebacker Jameel McClain joined Bob & Steve to talk about his neck surgery and the recovery time. The Ravens are hopeful Jameel can return in time to be a starting MLB for a team that has major holes at that position.

Steve asked Jameel is it a question that he’ll be back playing this year. Jameel said there is no question he will be back playing for the Ravens next season.

Jameel said the Superbowl victory was a bittersweet feeling. The team won while Jameel was sidelined with an injury and Jameel wished he could be out there competing with his teammates to be champions.

Jameel said that all the turnover the Ravens roster is facing is just the way it goes in the NFL today. He said it is difficult but it’s just the business and those players will always be linked together.

Steve asked Jameel about losing Ed Reed who was his mentor. Jameel said that losing Ed was a big deal, and it will be tough to not have Ed around to be there for him for everything he’ll go through during the season. Jameel did say however that he and Ed will always remain in contact with another.

Bob asked Jameel about the rehab process he is going through with his neck injury. Jameel said it’s all about rest and letting nature take its course with the healing process. Jameel said he has a lot of techniques to help him recover quicker.

Jameel does not know if he’ll be back for mini-camps or just training camp, Jameel said its all about what the doctors want to do.


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