(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

CBSSports.com Baseball Senior Columnist Scott Miller joined Zinno on Last Call to talk about the latest happenings in Major League Baseball. They started off talking about the Orioles and the possibility of them repeating their 2012 playoff season in 2013. “I know that everyone jumped on their record in 1-run games last year … but I think they have good young pitching. There’s good young position players. And of course Buck Showalter doesn’t miss a thing,” Miller said. The guys talked next about Manny Machado and his rise to stardom. Zinno says he will be mentioned with the names like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. Miller chimed in with, “He may be behind them in popularity and in name, but he’s no where behind those guys with his game. He’s just a wizard in the field. He’s capable of making plays that make you remember where you were when you saw them!”


Scott Miller’s latest column was a satirical piece about how the “Cinderella” Red Sox and Yankees have gotten off to incredible starts to be at the top of the AL East. “They still have a lot more weapons than most teams. But I thought that they had both sprung a few leaks,” Miller said. The thought was that with both of these teams expecting to have slow starts, the other three teams could take advantage of it, but only the Orioles really have.

Finally, the gentlemen discussed how cruel the game of baseball can be even to the biggest stars. Both Roy Halladay, who has won two Cy Youngs, and Josh Hamilton, who was won an MVP, are struggling mightily to start the 2013 campaign. “In Roy Halladay’s case, it’s father time. We saw an erosion last year. He spent some time on the DL. He wasn’t the same pitcher.” Miller continued, “In Josh Hamilton’s case, he is just missing everything. He’s swinging at everything and missing everything. He’s always been a streaky hitter.”

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