Mel Antonen, a reporter for MASN, joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about Major League Baseball.

Steve started off by asking about the Orioles concern about Brian Roberts. Mel said they’re obviously concerned, but it has to be frustrating because injuries have been his legacy.

Bob asked if the Orioles need to look for a second basemen from outside the organization. Mel said it would be nice, but he thinks they will be fine if an improvement is not made.

Steve wanted to know about Freddy Garcia’s chance to be with the Orioles permanently. Mel said that he won’t be dominate like he was in his Seattle days however he can give the Orioles plenty of innings.

Bob asked about the transition for Tommy Hunter to the bullpen. Mel said how the trade the Orioles made to get Hunter and Chris Davis looks really great now.  He said that Hunter was given opportunities to be a starter, but looks good in his new role.

Bob wanted to know about the chances Kansas City continues to hang around this year. Mel said that the Royals will hang around and compete with the Tigers because of their pitching staff.

Steve brought up J.A. Happ and how can better protect the pitchers. Mel thinks that the eventual solution will be batting helmets because of how light helmets are being made nowadays.

Mel talked about how Manny Machado is so valuable to the Orioles, and how he was one of those few players who can come straight to the majors and not have a learning curve.  He went on to say that Matt Harvey, the young pitcher for the New York Mets, is the pitching version of Manny Machado.

To wrap it up Steve asked about Dylan Bundy and the concern for him. Mel said that sometimes you have injuries when a young guy throws that hard.  It is definitely a concern, but also a wait and see process.



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